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  • So, you asked for it, so it's back. We were down for a few months due to hardware failure, but because there were still fans out there we put it on a shiny new box and got it working again on a new version of php.
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Pirate Name: Allows you to search for Ult info on any pirate by name.
Hall of Fame: A list of the top 15 pirates who have been on the most distinct Ult lists since we began collecting data (Midnight: 2005-07-17, Hunter: 2006-04-28, Opal: 2007-04-01, Malachite: 2008-05-28, All Others: 2006-01-06).
Top 15: A list of the top 15 pirates who are on the most Ult lists today.
Biggest Movers: A list of top 15 pirates who have had the biggest change in their standing on an Ult list, either up or down.