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  • So, you asked for it, so it's back. We were down for a few months due to hardware failure, but because there were still fans out there we put it on a shiny new box and got it working again on a new version of php.
  • It was brought to my attention that the site was experiencing some growing pains. I have tweaked the code a bit and there should be a noticable increase in performance (especially for the search).
  • Due to a small problem with a late night upgrade to the database it was inaccessible for most of the morning. It is now back to normal and as of 5:30 PM EST the info is up to date.
  • The Hunter ocean has been added.
  • With the removal of Seabattle ratings from the game, these stats will no longer be updated. However, all previous Seabattle stats will still be displayed.
  • The data that was lost yesterday should now be restored.
  • Due to a bug in the code that was intended to handle the removal of Sea Battle, a days worth of data has been lost.
  • Added all other oceans. Switch between different oceans easily with the new Ocean tabs.
  • All dates are now in ISO format